Never in a million years did I imagine I’d be scooping donkey poop twice a week. Connor helps with the process as well, it’s pretty much a two person job. Fun fact: donkey poop weighs a lot more when it’s wet. I don’t know how much more exactly (fun science experiment), but it’s a lot more. At this point we use a rolling trash can lined with garbage bags to haul it away. We have some large holes on the property from when some amazing neighbors removed kiwi hooks encased in A LOT of cement (more on that story later), so right now we are using the donkey manure to help fill in those holes. We have to scoop donkey poop twice a week to keep up. I’ll admit there’s many weeks where I put more time into maintaining the donkey’s pastures than cleaning my own kids’ rooms. There are plans, you know – one of those many projects, for creating a manure pile and even selling manure at some point.

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