Mud. Currently, there’s a lot of mud around the farm. As you can see on the animals page, we have two large dogs who love their new farm life. Henry hasn’t ever known any different, but Riley started her post-pound life in the city. She loves the open area to run and play on the farm. They get very muddy and dirty, especially Henry the coon hound who can smell gophers underground and loves to dig them up. I guess most people who live on property keep their big dogs who dig up gophers outside all the time. Our dogs are completely spoiled and get to come in and out, we wipe off a lot of paws throughout the day. So, I’m sure you can imagine that baths are necessary.

This is the dog area where Henry is currently working on his project to banish all gophers.

Henry got a bath today. He needed one, but he REALLY needed one after Lauren decided to dress him in this T-shirt and then let him outside, so then Henry peed all over himself. He went straight into the tub!

How do you keep a crazy, busy puppy still while trying to bathe him? Peanut butter! I spread some on the wall of the shower and he was fantastically occupied while I scrubbed him up. Tip: Don’t clean the bathroom the day before, like I did.

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