When we bought the farm four burn piles came along with the deal. Gee, lucky us! They mainly consisted of the kiwi orchard that the previous owner ripped out. We’ve been wanting to deal with them for quite some time, but there’s definitely a learning curve here. First, we had to figure out when we could and couldn’t burn them. Secondly, we had to figure out how. Once again, we are blessed with neighbors who are willing to clue us in and help us out. They are generous with their time and equipment, but they are also smart because no one wants the new neighbors starting a fire!

So, with a lot of diesel required and time, the burn piles got checked off the to-do list! The good news, 911 didn’t have to be dialed once and as far as we know, the creatures who were suddenly evacuated from these over five-year-old burn piles are not living in our house. We’re one step closer to being able to mow our field in nice, smooth rows without routing around obstacles in our path. I’m not sure why, but that’s a goal of mine.

We also had more gopher success today, another one trapped with the good old fashioned style trap. We broke out a more modern and fancy type as well. Set them both at the same time to see who which one would catch a gopher first. I guess nothing beats the tried and true method! Then, while I was busy hanging out with the donkeys, my child came and said, “We’re barbecuing gopher, want some?” Um… no. I’m hoping I convinced them that they shouldn’t eat any either.


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66 thoughts on “Burn, Baby Burn

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