We’re a family of four who once lived in the city and decided to live the dream and move to property – just over 5 acres. It wasn’t an easy decision (more about that later), but we knew it was the best choice for our family. Both my husband and I grew up in the city with next to zero country life experience. I went to a few Girl Scout horse camps and Jeremy grew up visiting his Grandpa’s horse farm in South Carolina (Smith Farms). However, we had very little experience with long-term country life. We’re still learning and have many more experiences to learn from, which will probably provide you with plenty of laughs and entertainment. 

Before we moved we joked about our son Connor (11) being  a country boy stuck in the city. It was true. He’d beg us for chickens, long to plant big gardens and wear cowboy boots without kids in the neighborhood laughing at him. He’s always loved everything country. He’s good at getting me to do projects and chores around the farm that I never thought possible. We’re constantly tackling jobs we have no business considering, but sometimes it works out in the end. He is a young entrepreneur, wanting to be put to work, if there’s any chance of a payout from the task.

So here we are, making 5 acres home. We’ve tackled house projects, some farm projects and we’re constantly eyeing the next item on the to-do list hoping one of our amazing neighbors will give us some advice before they sit back and laugh. Thank goodness we have support from an amazing community!

There was this one time we tried to take family pictures with our donkey,
it didn’t work out so well.

About the Author

I’m thrilled you’re here and hoping by reading these blog posts about our crazy farm life you laugh and feel inspired to follow your own dreams! I’ve always loved to write and after many said, “You should really start a blog,” I went for it! Why not? The grass isn’t always greener, but it is here at Smith Farms West!

Welcome to the Farm!

You just never know what’s going to happen next at Smith Farms West! Our friends and family have been enjoying hearing our farm stories for the past (almost) year since we moved here. From kittens invading to puppies swallowing gophers whole, there’s always a new story, animal, or silly newbie adventure around the corner.