So . . . farm chores aren’t enough.

When we made the move I was in the best shape of my adult life. I had just completed my first 10 K run and enjoyed step and kickboxing classes at the gym regularly. I was enjoying major weight loss and increased energy and strength. I knew the move would make going to the gym nearly impossible due to the distance and pure lack of time. I was honestly overwhelmed with the amount of work and time the farm required and trying to add in working out didn’t happen. Running in our area freaked me out, more than the normal freaked out I would get from running in a city neighborhood. I envisioned myself having to leap over rattlesnakes or sprint from being attacked by a pack of dogs. So, I stopped running and stopped exercising. I was huffing and puffing with a weed-eater in hand or walking behind the push mower on weekly thinking that would suffice. Unfortunately, I soon found out that farm chores aren’t enough. So, I find myself almost a year later with some of the weight back on and the realization that something has to change. Thank goodness we have a large shop to house all of the necessary tools and items needed to attempt to maintain the property. In one room I’ve set up the beginnings of workout room. Treadmill, and now TV with DVD player are hooked up. A friend gave me those “Insanity” DVDs and let me tell you, they are insane! I lasted about 10 minutes on day 1. But, somehow I’ve got to fit it in between poop scoops and tree trimming there needs to be some working out!

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