This was before my father in-law clued me in, I started using the orchard ladder after this. Thank goodness the previous owner left us one!


I’m still trying to figure out how to get these things open in an efficient way!


Jeremy suggested planting pumpkins. I thought he was crazy. But, go ahead – what’s the harm in having a few pumpkins for the fall? We planted 5 seedlings the middle of May. We hooked up a soaker hose and turned it on every once in a while. Come October we had over 200 pumpkins! The locals had told us the soil was good, we didn’t realize how good until this happened!


We have three fig trees. Some did better than others this last year and I’m hoping Connor and I didn’t kill the trees when we pruned them this winter. If you’ve been following along, we tend to dive right into chores we know nothing about and probably have no business doing. Live and learn!


We have 32 (mmmm, might need to take a recount to make sure) orange trees on our property. They are full of rip, juicy oranges right now!