Funny story: we hadn’t even lived in the house a week and Lauren got stuck in one of our fig trees. I mean REALLY stuck. Not even a neighbor’s help could fix it, which was somewhat reassuring honestly because I figured it was just a newbie mistake and there had to be some easy way to get her leg from being stuck between two fig tree limbs. Nope. I ended up having to call 9-1-1 and the jaws of life had to pry the limbs apart in order to remove her leg. Yep, first week, already calling the fire department. At that point I knew we were in for some fun on the farm! But, I also knew after this that our neighbors were going to be very helpful, thank goodness! We have valued their advice, moral support and encouragement more than they realize. As the fire truck pulled away that day my neighbor said to me, “I think you should take my number, you’re going to need help.” Yep, he was right.